Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What They Wore: Selfie Seasons 1 Episodes 1 - 4

 Hello lovelies, how is your week going? For me, it's been the usual: Go to school, have boring classes, face the bad weather, go home to do lots of patient's case histories, get confused about some diagnoses and diseases, close the books, surf the net a bit, watch movies/series, get back to school work or sleep (basically in that order).
 During the weekend while i was battling with an assignment, i took a break to go through my internet updates etc and find a new show to entertain myself, then i came across this new Abc show Selfie. I read an overview online to better understand what i was about to watch and it struck me as a show that would be interesting so i decided to watch the few episodes that have been aired.
 The show follows the life of a narcissistic young lady (Eliza) who works as a pharmaceutical sales representative and is obsessed with the idea of internet fame through the use of social media platforms like instagram and twitter where she posts lots of selfies. She began to realize that internet friends/fame wasn't the same as real life and is now seeking help from co-worker Henry.
 I will rate the show as an Okay one, not great and not bad either, i don't think it would survive as a series but never say never, i might be wrong. If you are looking for some situation comedy to while away time, then you should see it but if you are looking for a more serious show then this show isn't for you. On the bright side, Eliza's lifestyle is very similar to some of the social media insanity seen in the real world currently, you can pick one or two things from Henry's marketing strategies and then there's a touch of fashion just like most of other Abc shows (but more affordable pieces). Below are some of the fashionable outfits they wore from episodes 1-4....
Sunday, October 19, 2014

African Fashion: Ankara Style Outfits (Traditional Service) Sunday 2014

 Happy Sunday Lovelies, how was your weekend? Mine was a dull busy one filled with lots of school work and less resting time. Today's service was "Traditional service" where people from different African countries displayed their native attires, food, dance and drama. This is one of those Sundays in the year that people enjoy because they get to show off their tradition in dramas, food and African fashion in without looking out of place, check out photos from last year's traditional service.
 I was late *covers face* but i took some photos of some of the activities i met including some traditional and ankara outfits...enjoy!
Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fashion Blogger: Natasha B Combines Motherhood, Business And Blogging Skillfully

 Hello Lovelies, today's blogger feature is Natasha Bernard of Fashionably Fabulous. I came across her blog on IFB and i was inspired by how she combined motherhood, her business and blogging. I enjoy discovering bloggers who have businesses , full time jobs and other commitments other than their blogs. In this interview, she shares with us how she does it all and how she maintains that hair and skin. Enjoy...
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Personal Style: Casual Jeans Outfit With Fedora Hat

 Hello lovelies, hope you are having a great day. Today, i'm super excited about the weather, so warm it feels like summer again. This post is about a very casual jeans and fedora hat outfit i wore yesterday to run some errands with a friend, the weather was as warm as today in the afternoon plus we finished classes way too early. I took the opportunity to enjoy the weather and take "lots" of photos! Brace yourself, lots of photos below, if you live in country as cold as this one, you wouldn't waste any warm day either (don't judge me:).....
Monday, October 13, 2014

Beauty: Fluid vs Cream Foundations: Why I Prefer Cream

 We ladies are always on the lookout for the best beauty products out there, it could be the latest foundation everyone is raving about or the lipstick seen on a celebrity on a red carpet. Everyone wants a flawless face but the problem is ways to achieve it.
 Since the beginning of this year i've been searching for the best foundations, powders and concealers for my skin if some of you can remember from some of my old posts, after struggling to fight acne scars for a while, i settled for covering them up while still searching for a more permanent solution. Without lots of options here for trials, i settled for ordering via a reseller since most of the beauty brands do not deliver to Ukraine, I kept buying wrong shades and  lines for my skin till i traveled to Istanbul where one of the Mac MUAs tried out products on me and explained to me why each of them was good or bad for me.....