Asos Party Players Sale Favorites

 Hello lovelies, so it's almost that time of the year most of us like for different reasons, celebrations, holidays, end of year/new year sales etc and the online sales are kicking off. As usual, i'm already compiling my favorite pieces from one of my favorite stores Asos.
Asos 25% off party players sale favorites featuring items from River Island, Aldo and more.
 If you are a regular reader, then you already know how much i love this shop. Below are some of the pieces i'm loving from their party players sale.....

Blue Contrast Side Pencil Dress

 Happy Sunday lovelies, hope you had a great weekend. As the weather is getting annoyingly cold, i'm beginning to be at ease with taking photos indoors especially on the corridor of my apartment where i can get direct day light during the day. My outfit today is a work style contrast side dress. I chose this dress mostly because the color of the day in my department in church was blue and secondly because it has long sleeves to keep me warm. This dress gives off a working-girl kind of vibe especially when paired with a tote bag instead of a clutch like i did in these photos and the contrast sides create an illusion of a slimmer waist line :) 
Kim Kardashian Long Wavy Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig From Evawigs.
 This pencil dress is currently one of my most comfortable dresses and i love the sleeves especially in this cold weather. Check out more photos below and let me know what you think.....

Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissue Review

  Hello lovelies, hope everyone had a great week. So if you remember in my Korean skincare routine post I mentioned reviewing individual products used in the routine. The first is cleansing tissues used to wipe off makeup before washing the face. I'm currently using Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissue. I don't know if you've ever cleaned your makeup before washing your face only to find makeup smears on your towel after or you've ever bought face wipes that turned out dry or didn't remove any makeup at all. If you have experienced any of these problems, then you would understand the joy that comes with buying face wipes that actually wipes off makeup (including water-proof makeup) properly.
innisfree olive real cleansing tissue review for whole face make up removal
 The Innisfree olive cleansing tissue comes in a packet containing 30 oily sheets. From my tone in this post, you already know that i love this product! Check out my reasons below...

Birthday Dinner At Fashion Pre-party Restaurant Kharkov

 Hello lovelies, hope everyone had a great weekend, as some of you already know and seen from my instagram, yesterday (November 17) was my birthday. To celebrate this year's birthday, i had dinner with some friends at a fashion-themed restaurant called Fashion pre-party restaurant. I lived across the road from this restaurant 2 years ago and always admired it and wished i could do something there. Glad i finally did.  It was a candle lit dinner so there weren't bright lights, we had to rely on flash for bright photos.
Candle lit Birthday dinner with friends  at fashion pre-party restaurant kharkov
 Thanks to flash and spf, some photos came out white and others normal but in all, it was a great day and i enjoyed myself. These are some of the photos from the dinner taken by Ahmad....

Fashion Trend: Mini Bags

 Hello lovelies, hope everyone had a great week. Today's Saturday faves are Mini Bags! Remember last year we saw a lot of Phillip Lim Pashli mini bags on the streets during fashion weeks, that wasn't the end of mini bags as they became one of this year's fashion must-haves with more designers adding them to their collections and more high street and online fashion stores selling affordable great alternatives for the high-end ones.
Mini Bag womens fashion trend 2014
   What i love most about these mini bags besides how cute and fashionable they are is that they fit every outfit from the most casual to the most sophisticated whether they are carried like a crossbody, a clutch or with handles.....