Khaki - A Military Touch

 Finally I tried the khaki color, You remember my army green trend post, that was the main color i wanted to rock but all I have in my closet for now is this khaki which i like by the way. So, I guess the army green would follow soon as there are a lot of army green clothing in stores now.
Nigerian blogger Modavracha
  I mentioned adding colors and trying different shades in the army green post which I tried in this post by using my New Look mini saddle and Leopard Heels as the main pop of color. The color of the coat isn't exactly as it turned out in these photos - camera settings i guess, it's actually greener than it looks, hope you like the look though...

How To Wear The Fringe Trend Outside Coachella

 Hello lovelies, do you remember my first fringe trend post and my fringe boots from my first blogging year? Well, i guess the fringe trend is here to stay and isn't just a coachella or arts festival signature trend anymore.
How To Wear The Fringe Trend
  Since there are now more fringe pieces in stores other than the popular crop top and cape fringe festival pieces, one can easily find a piece they can relate to. Check out the photos for a little inspiration on the three easiest ways to wear fringe nowadays.

Retro Ankara Skirt And Turban Outfit

 I can never get tired of African prints and retro styles, you already know that! So, I've had this Ankara skirt for 3 years and never really figured out how to wear it because the tailor made a mistake in the style.
color 30 box braids, nigerian fashion blogger, fashion blogger in ukraine.
 As my style keeps evolving, I've come to realize that there's really no mistake with fashion pieces and styling, there's always a way to salvage something depending on how creative one is. With a lot of trials, I settled for this retro style, hope you like it..

Monochrome Outfit At парк Горького (Gorky Park) Kharkov On Easter Monday

 Orthodox easter was observed here this past weekend ending with a public holiday on Monday. I spent some part of the day with a friend who had to work unfortunately. During her few hours break, we walked round парк Горького (Gorky park), the most popular recreational park in Kharkov. This is not a new place for me but It's always fun playing tourist in one's city.
 It was a sunny and lovely day, so i went for a comfortable outfit, I wore my polka dot jumpsuit seen previously in this post as a trouser... Excuse the amount of photos, it comes with the weather :)

Spring Is Finally Here But #Nochella

 So i'm no where close to Coachella - the annual music and arts festival held in California but I wish i was. I always look at photos from the festival every year because of the cool outfits. On this year's coachella first weekend, i was out with friends in a similar setting only that we decided on a campsite far from everyone else and the bustling recreational park.
 It was a lovely outing with an awesome weather, the first warm day in about 2-3 weeks, hopefully the cold days are finally behind us. Check out some photos I took and my #nochella outfit..

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