All White Everything Birthday Dinner At Kiroff Hotel

 When you see the words - birthday, dinner, beautiful location in one sentence, you are sure to see a smile on my face. You know how I am with birthdays, dinners, interior decor and all things food :) So I attended a friend's white themed birthday dinner last Saturday at Kiroff hotel, the white blended well with the hotel's decor which is predominantly white.
  I had a very rough week, so this was a much needed time out for me as we had a nice time in the sauna and Jacuzzi as well, a little relaxation never hurt nobody....

Wardrobe Refresh: Links A La Mode February 19th

 Hello lovelies, hope everyone is having a great weekend. This week's links a la mode is a reminder of what your wardrobe needs, style updates and trends to expect after fashion month.
IFB links a la mode february19th wardrobe refresh.
                 Wardrobe Refresh
 There's nothing like Fashion Week to get you thinking about your wardrobe. Getting that preview of everything that will hit the streets in six months feels like a little trip to the future. Your present wardrobe? How can you refresh it so it's future proofed? That's where paying attention to fashion month comes in handy. This week we look at what's been happening, and how to give yourself that little treat to keep you from the winter blues.

Ruby Kisses Fuchsia Fierce Lipstick Review

 The Ruby Kisses fuchsia fierce lipstick is the latest in my lipstick collection. I'm no makeup artist or a beauty guru by any means but applying lipstick is like art to me, i like to be precise to get the edges as smooth as possible because I love the way lipsticks accentuate the lips.
Ruby kisses fuchsia fierce lipstick review by modavracha
 I usually mix my lipsticks but for the sake of this post i didn't mix this fuchsia fierce with any other lipstick. If you haven't noticed from previous posts, you can get a closer look of my mixed lipsticks in this post, continue till the end of the post to see some of the lipsticks and liners i use.

Mizon Aha 8% Peeling Serum Review

  I mentioned this Mizon peeling serum in my updated routine post. I bought it from W2beauty after reading lots of reviews about it. One of my biggest skincare issues is the dark acne scars on my face because i suffer from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation after acne.
Mizon Aha 8% Peeling Serum Review
  This product worked great for other users, it's working for me but my results so far aren't exactly like the reviews I've read based on about one month use because my scars were a lot darker than theirs, now they are light brown/red which is similar to the colors of other users' scars when they began using it. This gives me hope that with longer use, it just might clear up the scars completely.

Valentine's Day At 44 Favorite Place

 Happy Sunday lovelies, how was your Valentine's day? Mine ended with a great time at 44 favorite place.
Modavracha valentine's day outfit
 I've always passed by 44 favorite place on days i have internal medicine classes and always postponed my eating there, I used to see people chillaxing on their outdoor terrace during summer but never quite knew how big the inside was. So, on this Valentine's day when a friend asked me to come celebrate there, i was excited to finally have an excuse to visit the place and i must say i wasn't disappointed.... I'm a sucker for details as you already know, i fell in love with their Valentine decor and felt like taking photos of almost every single item there starting from the entrance....

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