Garnier pure exfo-brusher wash oil control

  When it comes to beauty products,i’m always very reluctant to try new things,old things,any..i have very sensitive skin that dries up and darkens easily so i try to use less products. Few months ago i changed my body cream and after using the new one for a while i noticed that my face started getting a lot of visits from the little monsters (blackheads),i liked the cream on other parts of  my body in addition to my African shea butter and  didn’t want to change it.
  So i went to a cosmetic store and with sign language like a dumb person as usual (because my russian is on the lowest level of “poor”!) i pointed at the spots on my face to the salesgirl and she recommended this Garnier pure exfo-brusher wash oil control. i was reluctant at first because the first garnier product i used back in 2006 turned out bad,after two days i went back and bought it 40 hryvnia ($5) and have been using it once a day for about a month now.
Garnier pure exfo brusher review
My Garnier exfo-brusher
Brush away shine + blackheads!
    Double action against shine & blackeads:
    1. The innovative formula reduces sebum to prevent shine.
    2. Soft micro-bristles help exfoliate, flexible ridges help cleanse… like no hand can!
Garnier exfo brusher review
  It reduced shine alright and lightened most of the spots i had but didn’t stop the monsters from showing up in some areas,it generally reduced the way they appeared and my face felt smoother,atleast better than how it was before i started using it.
 The bristles are just like Garnier described ,but for everyday use try to keep them really neat, preferably you should wash them under running water so that you won’t add more debris to your face. I would recommend this product if you have really oily face that needs control or you need to get rid of/minimize the amount of monsters on your face and you have to be patient to get results but if you are looking for a flawless face,i don’t think it will do the job.
* It’s really easy to use,twist(open),squeeze out the desired amount to the bristles,twist(close) to avoid dripping away,then brush your face gently in circular motions up to 10seconds  on each area,when you are done and your face begins to dry up,wash it off with warm water. You will need a good moisturizer as your face might be tighter than usual afterwards,i use shea butter as my moisturizer.
  I’m usually impatient with products but this one leaves a smooth feel on my face so i will keep using it till i find something better.
        Do you have blackheads,how do you keep the monsters away?


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