10 ways to shop smart online on a budget

 I love to shop online because most times i don’t have the time and strength to check out different stores and try on outfits, I find it more convenient to shop from the comfort of my bed and this post is about ways to shop smart online on a budget.

 As a student, i don’t like to spend all my money on designers and expensive clothing and accessories, so i often check for quality new affordable items online. Below are ways to shop smart online on a budget.

Ways To Shop Smart Online On a Budget

  1.  Check for online stores with quality items you like. Check delivery info to be sure they offer shipping to your country free or within the amount you are willing to spend on shipping, to avoid wasting your time going through items you won’t be able to buy.
  2.  Check the store’s forms of payment and payment security system to be sure your payment will be secure.
  3.  Check the store’s size guide to get your perfect size because some stores might have a different size chart from what you are used to, if you’re worried about buying perfect length trousers, read how to buy your perfect pant length online.
  4.  Check FAQs (frequently asked questions) to find out more about the store.ways to shop smart online on a budget
  5.  Check for ongoing sales or discounts with or without codes and terms and conditions for them. Remember to check return policy (i haven’t returned an item i bought online before though but I hear Asos has a good return process).
  6.  Have a maximum (final) price range in mind, so that when you reach your limit in a particular category, you move to a different one.
  7.  Start from the sales/discounts section and always select “prices low to high” from the “sort by”option or an equivailent depending on the type of sorting the store uses and begin to select items you like. This is one of the smartest ways to shop smart online on a budget.
  8.  If you are a registered customer on the site or you opened an account before going through their collection, save items you like in cart, your wishlist or its equivalent to easily sort the items when you are ready to buy.
  9.  When you finish with the sales and discounts category, you should check the full price categories repeating step 7, you never can tell what you will find!
  10.  When you are convinced that you have covered all categories and saved the items you like, search for similar stores and compare, you might find some items from the previous store for less!

 Miscellaneous Tips: More ways to shop smart online on a budget. After your final selection, check to be sure the sizes are correct. I like to buy dresses and bottoms from stores that specify their model’s height because my height is 5’10 (178cm) and lots of stores use models between 5’6 and 5’9. This helps you to have an idea of the length of the clothes on you.

 Now it’s time to checkout your items, fill in all your details correctly and of course use any discount code you have! Sign up for the stores newsletters, most times, some stores send out exclusive discounts to their newsletter subscribers.

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On a side note, It’s easy to accumulate a lot of clothes and accessories from online shopping, read about how to host a successful closet swap, a very smart way to get rid of your extra clothes and accessories.

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