Review of Planet Spa African Shea Butter Face Mask

 Hi darls,how is your week going? I have had a lot of school work to deal with plus the weather has been terrible for the past few days (rain,snow,freezing wind,etc), i thought spring was finally here but apparently the weather hasn’t made up its mind yet,so no outfit posts till it gets better. You know how i reviewed my Garnier exfo-brusher Here and i said it generally helped my blackhead situation but didn’t necessarily stop them from appearing, well here is another facial product i started using a month ago together with it.
Planet spa african shea butter face mask

I have tried some Avon products in the past,body lotions,shower gels etc and they were all harsh on my skin,they all dried up or shrunk my skin, so i decided to try their Planet Spa range because they contain more natural products and being a shea butter addict,i was attracted to this one when i saw it in the catalogue and decided to try it. I have spent so much money on beauty products in the past that never worked,from top brands to the lowest of them all,i have learnt my lesson. Brand names don’t matter, contents do!

Planet spa african shea butter face mask review

I must confess,this is by far the best facial care product i have used, it’s mild on the face just like a normal cream you apply to your skin and doesn’t shrink the face when it dries up like some masks.Has a mild pleasant smell too.

What Avon Thinks
It’s Rich
It’s Buttery
It’s a Moisturising face mask that leaves skin feeling soft, supple and nourished

Avons planet spa african shea butter face mask review

What I Think
It’s everything they say and more! It leaves my face moisturized for hours after washing it off without applying anything else to it. I now use the Garnier mostly in the mornings to exfoliate and i use the Mask at night before i sleep but not daily,i use it thrice a week but there’s been a tremendous improvement on my spots,they are fading away noticeably and the frequency of the appearance of the blackheads have reduced to almost 0! I even thought it was going to make my face oily because it doesn’t dry up the face but NO,it’s very normal afterwards and has continued that way.
This product costs about $5. Its a bit thick so you have to allow some time for it to work into you skin properly. I don’t use compressed powders,concealers etc so i love having my face smooth and spotless,i will keep using these products till the spots vanish completely.
This mask is quite easy to use,it doesn’t require special instructions,just wash your face with warm water,pat your face a little but don’t dry it up completely,then apply the mask all over avoiding the eyes, allow 15-30mins to really work into your skin,wash with warm water,that’s all.
Has anyone else used this Planet Spa African Shea butter face mask or any of the planet spa products,what was the result?

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