Checkered shirt and the 5 pounds shoes

Hi lovelies,how are you all doing today? It’s been a slow and lazy week for me but from tomorrow i will be pretty busy,back to reality. About 2 weeks ago i came across a site while surfing the net where i saw foot wears and more for 5 pounds,i was surprised at the unbelievable price and at the same time curious,so i continued checking,they didn’t have lots of stuffs i liked but i saw few nice looking items and these babies on my feet stood out,i was concerned about the quality but i decided to take the risk,you can’t know till you have tried. i took 2 pairs,this black and a light blue one. I got them finally for 4.17 each without shipping and with shipping about 20 for the 2. i received them today and couldn’t wait to show you all.

Laughter is the best medicine,i laugh even when i’m sad deep down,i laugh because i always tell myself and believe that “tomorrow will be a better day”.

The shoes have quality worth more than 5 pounds,you can’t compare them to top brands no doubt but they are very “wearable” and comfortable too,it is exactly my size,i wear Uk 8 /US 10. In my opinion they are worth more than 5 pounds and i’m glad i bought them.

They are very bright black suede,might need extra care to maintain it. I love the balance while walking too and i hope it doesn’t change subsequently with frequent use.
You remember my pant from this outfit Here and my new look clutch from this post Here. My friend got me  the Lee Cooper checkered shirt.. She knows how comfortable i like my wears 😀
Get the shoes Here Shirt: Similar
Enjoy your day