Cultural Day

ankara bow tie,ankara styles 2013

Hi Lovelies,happy sunday! Yesterday i told you i was going to show you the outcome of my weekend,well here it is! We had Cultural day in my church today,everybody dressed in their native,traditional or ceremonial attires. I don’t have my complete native attire with me,so i decided to wear my African print blazer and shoes, The material is called “kirikiri star”,which means “tiny star”. It comes in different colors – red,yellow,etc but blue is my favorite.

modern ankara outfit,ankara blazer,ankara bow tie,ankara shoes,ankara styles 2013
ankara style

One of my seamstresses made them for me in Nigeria. She’s really good at what she does,she also does lots of ankara bags,ankara shoes and so on.

ankara tie
ankara shoes
ankara blazer 2013,ankara styles 2013,african prints blazer and bow tie
There were lots of outfits and cultural displays,i tried to get some pictures and videos,enjoy!
A South African Attire
yoruba outfit
niger delta attire,nigerian niger delta outfit,nigerian south east mens attire
Niger Delta
traditional igbo womens attire
onye nze

See more photos and some amazing cultural displays in the video

Have a lovely week ahead!

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