Fringe Benefits

Hi lovelies, How is the weekend going? I have begun my weekend and tomorrow you will see pictures of the outcome,it’s going to be a piece of Africa!
*Note That: The title of this post has nothing to do with it’s meaning. Today’s faves are fringed pieces. A fringe is simply an edging consisting of hanging threads,tassels and so on. I love fringed pieces but some could be excess at times and you just have to wonder “who wears that?” I love that almost every fashion item can be fringed,so you can easily pick the item and style that suits you best.

Get them: 1. Here         2. Here         3. Here                    4. Here

The fringe trend is one of the trends fast taking center stage this spring. You can see more of it from Coachella 2013 street style photos. There are even more subtle ways to wear fringe like No.6,less could be more!

                                      5. Here                                                         6. Here
This Mango dress is simply gorgeous! Get it Here
 Well Fringed dresses are beautiful. Check out Selena Gomez (i still call her Alex Russo) rocking a Julien Macdonald‘s fringed dress from his Fall ’13 collection.
Selena gomez gold fringe dress at mtv movie awards 2013
Source: E!
Doesn’t she look incredible?
       Get them:    8. Here                                                                9. Here
Remember my fringe boots from my post Here
Do you like the fringe trend?
Have a lovely weekend

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