Park and Polka Dots

Hi Lovelies,how are you all today and how did your week go? Mine was really fast,i can’t believe it’s Friday already. Today’s post is actually yesterday’s ootd. My internal medicine class finished earlier than usual and i and my group mates had about 2 hours of free time before the next class. Some of us decided to relax at a park close to the internal medicine class as we all had nothing to do with the time and the weather was friendly. Luckily, i was with my camera so we turned the free time into a photo shoot.

Polka dots never go out of fashion,from season to season,bold or small dots…they remain timeless!

And the Goofing began…

I believe i can fly!

My Ghanaian beads

I totally enjoyed yesterday but today,not so much (i won’t bore you with the details). I’ve had this oggi top ( get Similar one) for over 2 years now,i just keep forgetting it,the Jeans (old) but the flats are available Here

* Sometime soon,i will show you all my amazing group mates..
Do you like polka dots too,do you think they are timeless?
Have a lovely weekend ahead

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