Ankara meets 90s fashion

    Hi lovelies! how are you all enjoying your summer? Yes,summer! I mean, what else can be it be with a temperature of 30 degrees celsius? So today’s outfit is one of the 90’s fashion trends incorporating ankara prints accessories. This 90’s fashion is usually worn with tights but who wears tights in this weather?
2013 ankara fashion,ankara style 2013,ankara bag,yellow and green outfit
ankle style 2013,ankara bag,ankara bangles,90s fashion with ankara pieces,green and yellow outfit

My bestfriend got me the shorts while i was in Nigeria last summer and i got the sandals with her sometime 3 years ago but i rarely wear it. I love high waist shorts but i usually don’t find suitable ones for me,they always have funny shapes or look out of place on me,so i just relax,if i find,cool,if i don’t,still cool,lol.

You remember my Ankara blazer and shoes from this post Here ,same seamstress made this ankara bag and bangles

fashion african prints bag,ankara bag,ankara bangles

The bag is practically just for emphasis because it can only carry light stuffs but i love it just the way it is!
While taking these photos,i played around with my camera’s settings,you know what they say “Buying a good camera and staying on auto settings is like buying a porshe for school run”. I use Av all the time though not auto but stilll..:)

Shirt: Here
Shorts: Here
Sandals: Here

Enjoy the rest of your week!
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