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Beneath Joan’s Lab coat

Hi lovelies,happy new month to you all! Hope you are enjoying the spring?. I haven’t posted anything for some days now because i have been busy,but I’ll be back very soon,i have 12 days break from school,woohoo!!
In “Beneath the lab coat” today,meet Joan M. Cora from Puerto Rico, living between Philadelphia,USA and Dominican Republic. She’s a medical student and owns the blog Dra.Fashionista.

She said that from when she was a little girl, she had always found ”Fashion” a way to express oneself and that’s the reason her style is playful.

She loves to mix and match all kinds of style.

She said, “I have a lot of goals in my life and I’m on my way to finish the first chapter which is my MD degree and later I’ll start my 3rd chapter (yes, because the 2nd is my blog) which is my career in show business, it’s sounds weird but my life is like that, full of surprises!”.

Isn’t she bold,brave and beautiful? For more of Joan,check out her Blog.
There was a general belief that those in the medical line do not have time for fashion or entertainment,but that is changing now because “We” are taking over! lol  Medicine and fashion can knit perfectly for anyone that wants them to. Finding a balance is what makes the difference.
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Enjoy the rest of your week.