Sport The Difference!

Hello lovelies and happy sunday to you! Hope you all are having a fab day. So today’s service was different,we had games service,everyone came in their jerseys to support their teams. It was fun!!! There was drama and quiz.. Yours truly is a Man U fan,did you know that? 🙂

Actually i didn’t know i was going to wear a jersey today because i didn’t have one as at this morning,i was going to make one with my name,so i didn’t want to get just any one. This morning one of our pastors called to tell me there was a jersey for me and he couldn’t reach me earlier to give it to me,and that was how i got a jersey. I will still get mine later but for today i wore V.Persie’s.

And yeah i still love me some 6 inch heels!

Ok,i love football,everyone in my family does,but i haven’t really watched football this year,i’m such a bad man u fan. But i supported the team in church even though we didn’t make it to first 3,lol the people that answered the questions didn’t get all correctly.We had a good time though,the purpose for the service…

On a side note,it’s exactly 1 month to my Krok (medical) exams,lots of intensive study hours,i will try to blog whenever i can,but you have to bear with me if i stay away for a while..:)

Have a lovely week ahead and remain amazing!