Beneath their lab coat

Beneath Betty’s Lab Coat

 Hi Lovelies,happy new month to you all. How has your June been so far? For me,it’s been crazy,lots of school work and exam preparations plus my hard drive crashed and i was laptop-less for a few days,so far June hasn’t been so nice to me but i will be fine. So,”Beneath The Lab Coat has become a monthly thing for me for now..and for this month,meet Betty,a Nigerian 4th year medical student currently studying in Ternopil,Ukraine.

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I met Betty after last year’s summer holiday,we were travelling back to Ukraine from Nigeria in same plane and it happened that we both had some sitting arrangement issues and wanted to change seats,somehow we ended up sitting together with a friend of mine. we got talking and that was how i discovered that she loves fashion and we both share a passion for shoes!

She loves everything fashion and beauty, in her words,”If i weren’t in the medical world,i’ll probably be in the fashion world and if there were to be a next world,i will definitely come back as a fashion and beauty specialist”.
She also said that dressing up and looking good makes her feel good,if she’s depressed or having a bad day,dressing up helps to lighten her mood,so she always tries to look good because it keeps her happy!

Did i mention that she likes to smile and laugh? lol,she can SMILE! and this was the main reason i talked to her in the plane in the first place,her facial expression was welcoming and i told myself,”onyinye,she looks like someone you will like if you get to know her,just smile and flow with it”. I’m not very good at making new friends. We talk most of the time on phone as we live in different cities but with the summer holiday fast approaching,we are going to see each other really soon.

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you like? If you do and you want to see more of her,you can follow her on instagram Here
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P.s. All photos were taken with a phone,please excuse the quality.
Thanks again for being amazing,your comments always make my day. Can’t wait to be done with my exams on 26th so i can resume blogging fully.  But till then,remain amazing!
Enjoy your week!

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