What I Wore: Denim Waistcoat and Jumpsuit

Hi Lovelies,how are you all today? I think i’m addicted to blogging,ModaVracha’s Spot is my online getaway place,lol can’t stay away yet! Quick post – my outfit to school today,you already know Wednesday is one of my free days and also a good day for pictures because i finish my classes before 12. Lovely locations around too..

female fashion denim waist coat

fashion denim sleeveless coat

I have replaced my red lipstick finally,i like this one very much but some friends told me they prefer the former one on me,what do you think?

large fashion shoulder bag

aviator fashion sunshade
I’m totally in love with my new school bag,because its large and can contain lots of books and other stuffs,perfect for some crazy sized textbooks.

uni fashion
fashion leather oversized bag

You like? Off i go back to studying,Peace!

fashion summer wear

Besides the items you’ve seen before,other items are from local fashion stores around me. Bag: Plato (in-store)
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