Beneath their lab coat Blogger Feature

Meet Cassie The Vintage Lover

 Hi lovelies, how is the day going? hope everyone is having a great day? if you aren’t having a great day, cheer up, be grateful for life and hope tomorrow would be better. So if you read my top 20 personal style and fashion bloggers you will probably remember Cassie, the only medical student in the list. Today we will take a peek beneath her lab coat, her style, her love for medicine, fashion and modeling.

 I asked Cassie to describe her style, she said: “When people ask me to describe my style, i always go on about how much of a vintage lover i am, i went through a really crazy vintage phase last year. I was all about printed shirts,pleated full skirts,turbans,high waisted denim pants but truthfully my style is a fun mix of everything though I’m more inclined to androgynous and vintage fashion”.
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sleeveless denim waist coat,denim shirt,denim on denim vintage style,black midi pleated skirt
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On why she chose medicine

She said,”Medicine is something I’ve always known that i would end up with and it felt so right at the time i got into med school with my grades and everything”.

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On her love for fashion,she said,”I’ve always loved to dress up and look good but i truly began to understand and fall in love with fashion when i started modeling, that was also when i started discovering my own style”

bridesmaid bridesmaid dress,wedding dress,dream wedding by mai atafo
black high low chiffon skirt
orange pleated skirt,womens casual snickers look

         Her photos speak for themselves too.

 Before now medical students have been seen as “very busy people”,no time for fashion or otherwise but that’s not the case anymore,one can balance just about anything they want in this constantly evolving world. When people ask me how i combine fashion and medicine,i always reply,” You have to wear clothes to school or hospitals right? why not wear something stylish?”.
 The reason i started this series Beneath Their Lab Coat is to showcase other stylish medical people out there,so if i haven’t discovered you yet and you want to show us what’s beneath your lab coat and how stylish you are,all you have to do is to email me or use the contact form.
 So what do you think about Cassie’s style? for more of her, go check out her blog Cassie Daves
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Have a lovely day!