Up And About Asymmetrically

Hello lovelies,how are you all doing today? My friend Betty (you remember her from Beneath Betty’s Lab Coat) finally visited but she’s been ill so we couldn’t really hang out much. She’s feeling better now but has to leave to do some urgent stuffs that came up,we decided to go out so that she can see some nice places in my city. I hate going out in the afternoon because of the deadly sun but to be able to visit lots of places we left the house early..I wanted something very free so i wouldn’t sweat much,i wore an asymmetric dress i’ve had for a while now,my denim sleeveless waist coat and added a touch of red with the PU bow cross body bag. My friend Queeneth has been teasing me that it’s a baby’s bag,lol
Retro sunglasses for women,retro round sunglasses for women

asymmetric dress with knotted back
Betty didn’t want to take photos,she preferred to be behind the camera,so i took her funny round framed retro sunnies to goof around
retro small round frame sunglasses,retro round sunglasses for women,round retro sunglasses for women
i love this dress even though it feels like walking with a tail because of the knotted back but it’s really cool on the skin. The dress,waistcoat and bag are from local stores but you can get similar Asymmetric dressRed bag and Round frame Sunnies, Aviator Sunglasses,

Do you like asymmetric clothes?