The Red We Eat: What You Should Know

Hello Lovelies.. Today’s post is different! People often ask me in person or via emails and contact form if i stick to a specific diet to stay slim, minimize the quantity of food i eat or use some special items for skin care. I don’t, i eat any and everything i like but i make sure to always eat fruits and vegetables too.
I drink a lot of water (i always have a bottle by my bedside) and eat vegetables and fruits alongside normal food. Some of my favorites happen to be the red ones..I’ve always loved fruits but then i ate most of them without knowing their benefits (besides the popular “Fruits give vitamins to the body” everybody knows) I started getting addicted to more fruits after reading a book my dad owns that contains very colorful glossy photos of different plants from all over the world and their uses and health benefits, i can’t remember the title and author.

uses of red fruits,benefits of red fruits, why red fruits are good for the skin and bodybenefits of red fruits to the body, contents of red fruits My favorite of all favorites is Red Watermelon.
benefits of red watermelon to the skin and body

It’s a source of Vitamin C as with many fruits and contains lycopene which is the bright red carotene and carotenoid seen in most red fruits making it a very good anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent.  Researchers said the ripened ones contain higher lycopene,so the more ripened,the better. I remember a certain time in high school i read that they could be used raw as face cleansers,scrubs and masks for flawless skin,i immediately started using it on my face,i would cut it flat and rub all over my face then wash it out after about 10 minutes,i was like “its a natural product that is also anti-inflammatory so it would stop pimples and any inflammation on my face,what harm can it do? lol.. Anyways it helped out in some areas (mostly scars) but it was too harsh for my skin (maybe i overdid it,i don’t know) so i stopped and went back to just eating it. They also said it contains Citrulline that converts to Arginine which helps blood flow and other cardiovascular activities,all i can say is that i always feel good and refreshed after eating watermelons.

Next is Apple

While watermelons are my favorites, apples are the ones i always have in my fridge all year round,you know the popular proverb,”An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apples reduce the risk of so many diseases of the body including skin diseases thanks to its antioxidant effect. An apple has only 50-80 calories and no fat,so it’s good for people of all sizes. It’s also a source of potassium which is good for the heart.

Next is Nectarine

benefits of nectarines to the body, difference between nectarine and peach

I bought them mistakenly thinking they were apples the first time i tasted them, they were more expensive than normal apples but i thought they were imported or a really good specie….i was absent-minded that day and still didn’t realize they weren’t apples till i ate one, it didn’t taste bad at all! i loved its fruity smell too.
Nectarines and peaches are same species,but nectarines have orange centers while peaches have white centers. In addition to their potassium content and antioxidant property, nectarines are full of fibres which helps the digestive system a lot. It is also said to be high in Pectin which controls blood cholesterol levels.

Next – Red Grapes

benefits of red grapes to the body
Seedless or not,i’m in! Right from the good old children’s bible story book days, I’ve always wanted to taste them because of how beautiful they looked in the books on the feast tables of Kings and the fact that they were served kings and queens (i still dream of living like a queen someday 😉 ) These babies are the source of some the world’s finest wines and high in antioxidants which lowers the risk of heart diseases and cancer. Researchers discovered that while a glass of wine is a part of a Mediterranean-style healthy diet, the bits of the grape thrown away to make the tipple could be healthier.
Next – Tomatoes
benefits of ripe tomatoes to the body, uses of ripe tomatoes, benefits of tomatoes to the skin
I and tomatoes have history, when i was little,i enjoyed eating fresh tomatoes,i would put them in the freezer so that they’ll harden, then struggle to chew them, if you dare take them away from me, you would be doing me a very bad thing. It was very weird for a child to enjoy raw tomatoes. My mum still teases me till date of my tomato begging days, i used to say “Mummy give me tabato!” (i was still learning how to talk then) lol. As an adult now i don’t enjoy raw tomatoes anymore,i don’t even like seeing cut tomatoes in food, i prefer them properly blended.
 Tomatoes provide Vitamins A,B6,C,K and more. Just like the watermelon,they are antioxidants and contain lycopene too, I’ve tried them on my face too like the watermelon,my elbows and knees,they were harsh on my face but generally improved the appearance of the skin on my elbows and knees for the short period i tried them,so now i stick to just cooking with them. These trials were all years ago, My skin is sensitive and stubborn so,they may work fine for you.different skin types,different experiences.
Next – Peppers
benefits of red pepper
My friend Lola decided to form the letter H with these peppers,i don’t know why though.. I don’t like peppery food but because of the health benefits of pepper i just have to add them to my food. The species that have particular taste and aroma like the cayenne,chili pepper,etc are really nice to cook with. Peppers are rich in Vitamins A,C,K especially the red ones,the antioxidant Vitamins A and C helps prevent cell damage,aging-related diseases,cancer etc while K promotes blood clotting and helps to strengthen the bones. Red peppers contain lycopene too. So try to always add pepper no matter how little to your food.
Next – Strawberries
benefits of fresh strawberries
While strawberries might not taste as yummy as they look, their benefits can’t be overlooked. Their heart shape is a clue that they are good for the heart. About 8 strawberries at one serving provides more vitamin C than an orange. They are rich in fibre and high levels of antioxidants. Tastes better when served with cream.
  There are lots of other red fruits out there and more benefits, these are just the ones i have at home. so try  to include red fruits to your daily food alongside your beauty regimen. Best skin care comes from what we consume. Hope this helped someone out there.
 So, what do you know about the red we eat?
Stay refreshed!
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