Back To School: Floral Top And Green Trousers

Hello Lovelies!

green pants, green trousers, colored pants, zara flat sandals,floral top
 How is everyone doing today? Hope your week started great..So it’s the first day of a new academic session, but in my school the first day of school is like every other school attend all lectures and classes and take tests! how annoying is that?
I like that in this 4th year, we would be having mostly one course ( the lecture and class) a day but with longer gets boring but atleast we wouldn’t walk about a lot, moving from one hospital to another plus lesser books to carry 🙂
Nothing new in my outfit…just some of my old clothes i’m re-rocking “recycling” as Brenda of Canneverbeaskinnybish’s post on recycling one’s clothes says. I like to recycle, restyle my old clothes, as a student, i can’t afford to buy new clothes all the time and moreover,restyling one’s old clothes is a good way to get creative and find out more ways to style them..
Get Similar: TopTrousersJacket    Sandals: Zara (get similar sandals)
zara flat sandals, green trousers, black handbag, autumn jacket

Do you like to restyle “recycle” your clothes too?