Chain Print Bodycon Skirt

Happy new month lovelies!!

asos pencil skirt in chain print, work outfit idea, pencil skirt, viscose and elastane skirt

     Wow! it’s a new month already and a cold one too.

  Thank you all for your lovely comments, you make me smile all the time!
Last week was a very busy week for me, i traveled to kiev to collect my new passport then i got back and started my school registration (the most stressful process at school). I made sure i completed all during the week so that i can relax after school resumes tomorrow as students will be swarming into the registration office.*whew!* life of a student!
Do you remember this asos chain print bodycon skirt i wore earlier this year? No? you can read the post
I like how soft the fabric is on the body (even though the softness makes the skirt to crinkle a lot), i wanted a relaxed outfit, was restless when i woke up this morning because i haven’t gotten enough sleep for almost a week neighbors are renovating their house or just repairs,i don’t know but there has been a lot of drilling lately keeping me up all day (i sleep better during morning hours than night), thanks to resumption,  i will go back to sleeping at nights instead of Anyways, this was the relaxed outfit i came across first..loose shirt,low heels and viscose skirt..

pencil skirt, chain print skirt, bodycon skirt, body con skirt
You can find similar skirts: herehere or here(a lot to select from) and similar earrings or here

Today’s service was a very memorable one, the pastor preached about “purpose”. Our purpose on earth, our purpose for doing the things we do,living the way we live and so on..
God gave us as gifts to our parents, its their responsibilty to take care of us but as we grow up, we become responsible for our life and all our actions. Some people live and die without knowing the purpose for their existence. Do you know the purpose for your existence in this particular time and not 2000 years ago or 2000 years to come? Without vision, we fail! Get a purpose for your life, do something today!
As for me, i’m walking in power, i’m walking in miracles! this song summarizes it all..

Have a lovely week and remain blessed!