My Birthday Wishlist

Hello lovelies, how has your week been so far? Mine has been great and hopefully it will remain that way. So it’s exactly 1 month to my birthday (November 17) If you know me well then you already know how i can be when my birthday is approaching,lol…I haven’t figured out exactly how i would celebrate this year yet but i’m sure i will have fun.. i had so much fun last year, i celebrated for 3 days because it was on a saturday (started on friday and ended on sunday). this year it’s on a sunday so it would be 3 days of fun activities too, lol… that’s how i celebrate when it falls in the weekend.
I created a mini lookbook of some items i’m wishing for right now currently on my birthday wishlist, i can’t have them all but i’m allowed to wish for them,right? Use the left and right navigation buttons to see all of them and if you would love to see their full details, you can click on each to take you to their original site.

I love this Balmain ensemble so much, can’t find a similar one online, i would love to get something similar custom-made

I want them all and more! *singing* i’m just an Oliver, Oliver  Twist!