Unrefined Coconut Oil

Hello lovelies, how are you doing today..hope y’all had a great weekend? This is an overdue post. You remember when i reviewed my garnier exfo brusher Here ( by the way,i still use it) and Ivana suggested i try pure coconut oil for my dry skin.  After reading lots of reviews online about all the awesome benefits of unrefined coconut oil on the skin and hair, i decided to try it myself as a replacement for my African shea butter (which i love but would even love more without the smell), so i searched online for companies which produce coconut oil and stores i could order from and get it delivered to Ukraine.. I eventually landed on an ebay store located in Uk, where i saw coconoil (the 1st affordable 100% pure one i saw at that time) so i ordered the 460g for about $22 (shipping included) and received it after 7 days.. I actually picked it up on my way to school in the morning and was too excited that i didn’t wait till evening to try it at home, i opened it and 2 of my friends and i immediately used it as handcream, the coconut smell made me want pina
coconut oil review, coconoil review,Unrefined Coconut Oil

coconut oil, coconoil
I thought it was going to be a moisturizer i could use on my skin alone but that wasn’t the case after i applied it all over my body for the first time, it’s actually really light on my skin but with a sheer finish and So I’ve been using it daily since then as an additive to my body cream and alone as a hair cream. It came cold compressed so i had to melt the quantity i needed on my palms before each application but with time when the house heaters were switched on, it became semi-liquid, so i’m really careful when taking the quantity i need so as not to over-oil my skin. Another great thing about unrefined coconut is that they can be used to cook..I haven’t cooked with it but i have tasted it and it tasted just like a pure coconut extract (Just so you know, High consumption of coconut oil is bad for the health because of its high saturated fat). Coconut oil can last up to 2 years without spoiling too
According to the company, these are it’s key features:

  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Made with Sri Lankan Coconuts
  • Certified organic
  • Two year shelf life
  • Cold Pressed
  • Non bleached
  • Non deodorised
  • Non refined
  • Non hydrogenated
  • No GMO ingredients
  • Suitable for vegetarians

They also added that:

 This organic virgin coconut oil has organic certification from three separate bodies; Soil AssociationUSDA Organic and Control Union Certifications.
The Vegetarian Society has approved this product as being suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Produced from the pick of the palms in Sri Lanka, Coconoil™ is the worlds finest Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. The palms have been specifically planted and nurtured carefully to meet the strict criteria and high quality that you require. The coconuts are grown in the west of Sri Lanka and to the north of the capital, Colombo, and are traditionally harvested and cold pressed.
Unrefined Coconut Oil, coconut oil review, coconoil
   Here’s what I think based on my usage so far (2 months whole body and hair daily use):
  • For dry skin, it’s good as an additive to your cream/lotion/moisturizer though it absorbs really fast, you can still see the glow all day on your skin. i don’t know how it will turn out on an oily skin because i have dry skin but i believe it would be ok too as it absorbs fast.
  • I wouln’t advise those with sensitive faces to try it on their faces. I had a few break outs on my cheeks when i tried it on my face so i stuck to using it only on the rest of my body but once in a while to wipe make up under my eyes with a cotton bud (be careful while doing that so it doesn’t get in your eyes).
  • It cleared up lots of blemishes on my body especially on my legs, i had these tiny dark spots on my legs that looked like oversized pores, they were barely noticeable but still i’m glad they cleared up. I’m a bit obsessed with clear skin so i always try to keep my skin clear 🙂 I always notice the tiniest mark on my skin even when no one else can see them..Anyways, it has improved my skin’s tone and texture.
  • It evens out skin tone and gives your skin a more lustrous look.
  • It has also helped my scalp and improved my hair’s texture..I combined it with argan oil products (will review them later) when i used it on my natural hair alone so i can’t really tell it’s major effects for now. But with my weaves on, besides the nourished look it gives my hair, it keeps my hair itch-free too. I  usually blow dry my hair after applying it. One of the major effects of coconut oil on hair is prevention of protein loss.
There, you have it! my current favorite organic beauty care product….:)
Here are more types i’ve discovered since i bought mine.

What’s your favorite organic product at the moment, share with us in the comments box..

Have a lovely week ahead