‘Tis The Season For Giving: Give A Purposeful Gift

Gifts season

Hello lovelies, how is everyone doing? Sorry for not posting much on the blog in the last one week, the weather has gotten really cold and it’s beginning to affect my outfits post, but hey! i will continue blogging but less outfit posts for a while. By the way, how did your black friday/cyber Monday shopping go?.

Today’s post is about gifts, it’s the gifts season, though there shouldn’t be specific periods for gifts in my opinion but December being the end of the year and the month of the birth of Christ (God’s gift to us) (according to the christian calendar) it’s one of the months known for gifts exchange and thanksgiving, when people look back at the year and think of all the things that went wrong and all they are thankful for, including the people that had an impact in their lives.
  I like and appreciate gifts but sadly the gifts tradition is gradually dying as the world’s technology constantly evolves , people now send IMs, text messages or emails containing their wishes and e-gifts and that’s it. Physical gifts could mean more to the receipient than the giver could ever imagine. I love it when people give other people things that they need or things that they can actually use, Imagine you’ve been craving a particular thing for months or even over a year and you receive it as a gift, you will surely appreciate it more than a gift that’s an addition to what you already have.

Below are gift ideas for different types of people and budgets.
If your friend or who you are buying a gift for is a lover of beauty products or a beginner in the beauty department like me, she would appreciate beauty product sets because she will have more to experiment with or a new set to begin her beauty journey.

Gift ideas for the beauty addict, beauty products gift guide

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1. Sephora Favorites Draw the Line   2. ELF Geometric Book Set    3. MakeUp Forever Glamour Set
4. Clarisonic Mia2 Detox Kit           5. Estee Lauder Holiday Set     6. Two Faced Brow Envy (also Here)
7. POP Nail Glam Trio                  8. Black Up Two Way Cake    9. SmashBox Camera Ready CC cream

There are those gifts that you give or receive out of the blues, they could be for fun or for encouragement. Maybe you’ve been advising some friends to get items that would be of benefit to them and they keep hesitating, now is the time to surprise or encourage them.

Gift ideas for friends

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1. Baking Mould Hearts (for that friend or housemate that always use bare hands to create shapes while
2. Katie Scott Hands Art Print (for the friend that refuses to paint over a bad spot on the wall)
3. Gift Boutique Jewelry Box (for that friend that keeps misplacing their jewelry in their own rooms :))
4. Av Room Portable USB Turntable (for that aspiring DJ girlfriend that turns and scratches everything near her while listening to music)
5. The Really Hungry Student Cookbook also Here (the title alone is enough for me to want this cookbook,lol plus the description says it has badass recipes for hangovers so you might want to get it for that friend that has refused to quit binge drinking).

Gift ideas for Him – if you got confused or you are not sure of your male/boy friend/husband’s clothing or shoe size, stick with items that do not require sizes or size-adjustable items.

Gift ideas for him

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1. Nixon The ’51-30 Chronograph’ Watch In White/Silver            2. Burberry Men’s Mini Coffret
3. Polo Ralph Lauren Argyle 3-Pack Socks  4. Flud ‘The Stunt’ Watch in Black  5. Tartan Bow Tie
6. Flud ‘The Big Ben’ Watch in Oak  7. Nixon The ’51-30 Chronograph’ Watch in Gold
8. Neville Clean & Shave  9. The Art of Shaving Travel Kit (no more excuses for not shaving during a short trip :p)

And this last collage is for most of us, the photography lovers, fashion bloggers and photographers. How would you like to take beautiful photos with your Dslr and also eat and drink with the lens?

Gift ideas for the photography addict, Camera lens mugs

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1. Thumbs Up Camera Mug also Here   2. Camera Lens Style Mug  3. Camera Lens Mug with Detachable Lid    4. Camera Lens Mug               5. Camera Lens Shot Glass Set of 3        6. Camera Lens White Mug

Hope you get a purposeful gift for someone this season!

Enjoy the rest of the week

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