Fashion Trend: Cow Print

Cow prints fashion outfits
From left to right: The Daileigh, Beeswonderland, Victoria Tornegren
 Hello lovelies, I hope you had a great week. So i came across a white and black printed waist jacket i bought over a year ago that I'm yet to wear while arranging my wardrobe, I thought the prints were cow prints when i bought it, only to discover they're leaf prints. It got me thinking of the cow prints trend i saw on the runway and street style photos last year. I'm yet to see more of it,could it be a failed trend or still evolving?
                                                                             My jacket
Leaf print waist coat
 Just like other monochrome trends, it would look great when accessorized with a pop of color, there's a lot going on with the prints already but hey, there are no rules in fashion, right?
Cow prints fashion outfits
From left to right: The Daileigh, Sabfashionlab, Isabella melo, a model
I love The Daileigh's Jeffrey Campbell pumps (sold out in most stores, can be found here), I would totally rock them! I also love the Zara pants. If I'm to rock this trend, i would wear separates, one item at a time and add a contrast colored item, you?
  Here are some of my Saturday faves
Cow prints fashion items
1. Cow print shirt (also available here)     2. Asos faux Cow Lapel.   3. Boohoo Cow print bodycon dress. 4.Truth or Dare by Madonna Irena heels

One of my favorite celebrity cow print looks
Beyonce's givenchy cow prints fashion outfit
 Yay or Nay for cow print..would you rock this print, how will you rock it? tell us in the comments box. Have you rocked the cow prints already? Show us! link up your style using the 'Add your link' widget below to add the link to your cow print outfit post.

 My next post would be from.......*keep guessing :)*
Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I like this print!)
    I want to buy some clothes with this print

  2. Beautiful! Great selection of outfits.


  3. love the print so much! :)
    would you like to follow each other?:)

  4. I'll definitely wanna try cow prints. Not as a monochrome though. Sprinkling colours would definitely make this look more fun. And maybe if you dont think of wearing your leaf prints, you could send it down ;) Nice post. Take care

  5. Haha, I have always wanted to try it but a lot of the pieces that interests me are so expensive! lol

  6. Ooooh big fan of the cow print! Love these looks <3

  7. Wow! amazing cow prints! Thank you for sharing it!
    share fashion trends

  8. I would rock this print, anytime anyday, and I would rock it one at a time, I think the cow print shoe looks lovey and I would try it soon. the leaf print shirt you got isn't a bad idea too, prints would remain for a long time, i guess. I am following you on GFC, do you mind following back?


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