Beneath their lab coat

Shopping, Good Clothes And Shoes Make Her Happy…

Stylish cobalt blue long dress

Hello lovelies, how’s your day going? Looking forward to a great day, mine is going to start really early with some errands, i only wish it could slow down so that the holiday won’t end so soon. Today, we will be taking a peek beneath Mimi’s lab coat. Mimi Essien is a Nigerian 3rd year medical student at V.N Karazin Kharkiv National University. I can’t remember the first time i saw her but i got to spend some time with her during Mr and Miss kharkov Africa 2013, She was the female host and i really loved her outfits, i noticed she loves dresses and shoes as much i do.
I asked her to describe her style and she said her style is determined by her mood..
  ” I like to think the way i feel determines what i wear because on a gloomy day i could throw on a simple t-shirt, jeans and a pair of flats..

..while on a very good day i could go all in.”

On why she chose medicine, “Since i was a little girl, i’ve always wanted to be a doctor, loved the idea of saving lives and being there for people. I dream of being a pediatrician some day because of my love for kids no matter how annoying they may be”.

She loves shopping and limelight..”I love shopping, good clothes and shoes make me happy. I sometimes imagine myself hosting events and red carpets and i love the life because of all the clothes,shoes and wardrobe changes,lol.”

Ankara style dress

You can find mimi on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Hope you liked what you saw beneath her lab coat
Have a lovely day!

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