Fashion Blogging And Ecommerce

Few years ago, fashion blogging was totally about passion for fashion, many fashion blog readers and followers were greatly influenced by bloggers’ choices, opinions and style. Then came the freebies, fashion weeks and show invitations, top fashion bloggers like The budget fashionista were amongst the first set of bloggers to be invited to fashion week.
Some years later, with the increase of fashion bloggers around the globe, business-minded bloggers began the use of affiliate programs and included affiliated banners and links to their blogs as a way to support themselves. Large advertisers bought advertising spaces on blogs. Some of these bloggers were open about their use of affiliates, some weren’t and some were influenced by them, you can always tell when a post is purely advertorial and doesn’t necessarily reflect the blogger’s opinion(s).

With the increase of fashion blogs and the fast growth of ecommerce, fashion bloggers now do business while sticking to their fashion blogging passion, they set up stores like my “Shop Modavracha”, promote their products on their blogs. Online sellers on the other hand have learnt even more ways to promote their products by opening blogs and advertising their products on their blogs in different forms depending on what products they are selling, for fashion items..a nice way of advertising them are by outfit posts and directing readers to the various online market places they sell these products.
These marketplaces could be available worldwide or country specific like OLX free classifieds which is a worldwide web available in several countries including Nigeria that offers free listing services ranging from fashion, real estate as well as buying and selling of different products. The internet has changed a lot of lives, its a source of livelihood, it makes everything easier but one still has to be careful as there are also lots of Internet frauds. I believe the secret to a successful fashion blog and business is passion, in-depth researches, transparency and patience. I’m a business- minded girl and at the same time I love fashion and helping people. Maybe someday my passion would change my life for the better!
How has fashion and ecommerce changed your life?
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