Review of Clearasil Rapid Action Daily Gel Wash

#Review #Clearasil rapid action daily gel wash.

 How is the weekend going lovelies. If you read my previous posts on beauty products and skin care, you would know about my unending search for the right skin care products. I’ve been trying some nice products lately and today I’m super excited to share my review of Clearasil rapid action daily gel wash. This is the only product I’ve used that really got rid of my acne and cleared my pores visibly in few hours just like it was described by Clearasil..I noticed the effect in less than 24hours!
Clearasil rapid action daily gel wash.#review
 I heard about this product from a friend, Vicky. I noticed how clear her face has been over the past few months and I asked her about the products she was using.  She told me about the gel wash and a Clearasil cleanser I didn’t find at that time,so i decided to try it. I used it first on January 17(just to test) I saw a fresh pimple on my cheek at night, I washed my face with the gel wash before I slept and I woke up to an almost pimple-free cheek,it was barely there, completely dry! I was particularly looking for a good wash to help with my face while in Nigeria because I tend to break out a lot in hot weather.
 I’ve been using it daily, morning and night since then and my face has significantly cleared. A friend said to me yesterday ‘you are looking fresher’ lol. Sometimes I clean my face first with Clearasil ultra on-the-go rapid action wipes before washing especially when I have make up on.
#Clearasil rapid action daily gel wash. #review


  • Mild and refreshing on the face.
  • Smells nice.
  • Drys and clears fresh pimples.
  • Cleans and tightens pores for a visible clear skin.
  • Great packaging, pump doesn’t waste product.
  • No burning effects on open/wounded skin(would advice not to use on really open wound though).


  • Can be a bit too dry on the skin sometimes, so you might consider getting a really good moisturiser.
  • Has little/slower effect on black/dark spots.

Hopefully this product will  work for someone out there with a skin as stubborn and prone to acne as mine. There’s nothing more annoying than waking up to a fresh pimple. You can buy it in your local stores or buy online, available at EbayAmazon, Walmart, Drugstore and more.

*P.S..I’m still searching for a great moisturizer for my skin (the rest of my body). I have oily face so I’m currently using Mac oil control lotion (will review it in a future post)
Has anyone used this Clearasil product? what are you using currently on your face?

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