Model Diary

 Hello lovelies! As some of you already know besides med school and fashion blogging, I also model. If you didn’t know, I took a break from modeling 4 years ago. Recently I completed modeling school and I’m officially back to modeling.  Last sunday (march 2) was “First step” at Radmir where we graduated from modeling school after 4 months of training (a requirement to be able to work with most agencies here).  It was a lovely evening and gathering filled with lots of fun activities(I spent more time backstage and unveiling of some designers’ spring/summer collections. I and the other graduates modeled TM Modus collection and the other models modeled for other designers…
 It was fun working with everyone. I missed modeling(the good, long hours of make up and preparations,the craziness backstage). I already miss our classes, I can still hear our catwalk instructor’s voice shouting,”право, лево, право, лево..шаг поворот,шаг поворот (“right,left, right, left, step, turn, step turn!”)
Nika models manager Elena (1st left), Deputy director Anastasia (2nd), Host and our catwalk instructor (last right)

Photos from Anastasia Soldatova
Hope you like the photos…
More model diary photos soon!
Have a lovely day
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