Online Shopping: Step Up Your Shoe Game

 Happy new month lovelies. Can’t believe it’s weekend already, last weekend feels just like yesterday. Hope you had a memorable week. Today’s faves are shoes! I came across this online store milanoo last year while searching for a similar t strap leopard heels to my asos pair and surprisingly I found a pair that looked just like mine, everything was same except the label.

I forgot about this store till recently I landed on another pair that looked just like my most worn asos black heels (the ones in my last post), I began looking through  and you won’t believe all the shoes they’ve got. From designer replicas to high street at very reasonable prices. I like that the shoes are not branded.  Honestly I would rather wear an unbranded pair of shoes i can afford that look like a designer version than to wear a pair that is branded with the actual designer label and not the real deal. Lots of brands, stores copy each others designs, only the prices and labels differ. I found lots of affordable shoes that look like some you’ve already seen from Charlotte olympia, Asos, Zara and more..

Do have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to…
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