Lace Skirts Fashion Trend


Hello lovelies, how was your week and how is the weekend going? So far my weekend has been filled with school work, I have some model-related things to do tomorrow and monday evening so I need to get all my school work for Monday and Tuesday ready before the end of the day.  Took a break to talk about a fashion trend  that has been around for a long time that I’ve always loved, the lace skirts fashion trend.

 I’m totally loving that there are more fun styles in 2014 collections, I think the lace skirt is chic and edgy in different styles,colors and cuts.

lace skirts fashion trend on fashion and style bloggers

Pastels as seen on Halliedaily, Cuteandlittle and Jadorefashion.

Blogger style lace skirts fashion trend

Blacks as seen on Ironyofashi, Sydneystyle

Whites as seen on mochaccinoland, nina dobrev.

Today’s faves: Blacks here, here, here and here.
Whites here and here.
Brights here, here, here, here, here and here.


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