Review of Firmoo Glasses And What To Wear To Work

 Hello Lovelies, I bet many of you haven’t seen me wear my prescription glasses before because I’m always on my contact lenses. I wear prescription glasses occasionally. Do you remember my post about the online glasses store firmoo? The glasses I’m wearing in this post is from firmoo and I’m loving it.
 First of all, before they sent me the glasses for review, they made sure they got my prescription right, I was asked to provide my details (what I use the glasses for, my sphere and pupillary distance (PD). I never knew i had to measure my PD before buying glasses,or maybe I just didn’t pay attention enough to notice, I usually just test glasses and if I love my look, I buy them.

 I also loved the packaging, It came with a hard case, glasses bag, micro-fibre lens cloth and a mini screwdriver.

I’ve been using this glasses daily for long hours without pain or headache for 2 weeks, something I couldn’t do with my old glasses. I love that it feels really light but I would love if the material it’s made of is improved so that it doesn’t feel too fragile. If you like my glasses, join my giveaway to get similar glasses.

 I basically created my look today around my glasses. A work perfect outfit for the career girl or woman. Hope you like the look..


Wearing: Calliope Blouse and Skirt (get similar here and here) | H&M blazer(get similar here and here) | Asos heels(get similar) | Glasses c/o firmoo.

What I learnt in church today: Patience – Every situation is for your testimony, be hopeful for a better and brighter day ahead.
Have a lovely week.