Model Diary: Miss Youth Kharkov 2014(мисс юность 2014)

  If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember the photo of the mint version of this wide leg jumpsuit i wore during a fitting for мисс юность 2014. It’s from Seam’s 2014 collection, which was showcased during the event. I liked the mint color but when i saw this version backstage, i didn’t mind because the color is beautiful!

 I didn’t get to see all the performances because i was backstage throughout but from the rehearsals and the costumes i saw, i can only imagine how colorful and fun they must have been.

 This is the full and back view of the jumpsuit
 We took these photos with my camera backstage while waiting for our turn to walk the runway. There were more photos and more girls but with limited space,we couldn’t fit into one group photo and most of the photos turned out bad. The annoying thing was that it was really bright outside where we could fit in, we had time for photos but the rain didn’t let us.
 I took photos of two of the contestants (Yulya and Angelina) in one of their costumes while they were backstage. They were the only contestants i knew and i couldn’t resist capturing their beautiful faces!
   Hope you had a great week…
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