Travel And Lifestyle: 212 Power Outlet Istanbul Shopping Festival 2014

 Merhaba lovelies! that means hello in Turkish 🙂 This is my first time visiting Istanbul, i usually spend some hours during transit but never visited the city. I’ve always wanted to visit Turkey and when i learnt about the 2014 Istanbul shopping festival via a travel and lifestyle blog.
I immediately opened the Turkish airlines website, fortunately for me they had special promo fares for people traveling to Turkey during the Istanbul shopping festival from June 7 to 29 including 50kg free baggage(with some terms and conditions). This offer motivated me to get serious about visiting Turkey, experiencing the shopping festival is really not a bad start for the summer.

 I traveled with my friend Judith. we arrived on June 10 and began our Istanbul tour on 11th.

We started by visiting 212 Istanbul Power Outlet. It was quite a ride to Bağcılar where it’s located because we were staying at Taksim but at the end it was worth it! The architectural design of this mall is beautiful.
It’s really a big mall with lots of stores though not many of the popular international stores. We were so hungry when we got there but thanks to their food court with lots of options, we got eating in no time. I settled with McDonald’s because i wasn’t ready to begin trying new food, i enjoy trying new food only when i’m not hungry 😉
 After replenishing our energy we explored the mall, checked out some fashion stores and took some photos.
We were a bit skeptical about taking photos inside the mall because everywhere was so lovely yet we didn’t see anyone taking photos. As foriegners who don’t understand Turkish, we were just being careful. Later in the evening, there was a fashion show, showcasing some of the new collections from select stores and brands in the mall and i took some photos.
I made a video of the fashion show, you can watch here.
 We ended the day by shopping and by then we were too tired for photos, i will be updating the blog with my Turkey experiences and later i will make a post about how to enjoy Istanbul on a budget for people planning a trip to Istanbul. Hope you liked the post.
 Have a nice day