Travel And Lifestyle: A Walk Around Taksim Square And Istiklal Cadessi

 Yesterday we practically spent the greater part of the day on food and fruits, lol it made us lazy to go out because we were still resting from our day out at 212AVM. When we finally dragged ourselves out of bed, we decided to explore Taksim square and Istiklal cadessi around 8pm, instead of going far. I wanted the easiest and most comfortable outfit, so i settled for a tee, jeans and my claire’s heart shaped geek glasses.

  The square was filled with a lot of tourists and locals just relaxing, taking photos and some others hawking their goods.

                                   Get my look..

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What is Taksim square without the lovely red vintage tram?

   Atakurk cultural center
 The Monument of the Republic
  After taking a photo of these items made of flowers, an Iraqi guy walked to the store and got two flower hair garlands for i and Judith matching our tops.
 When it began to get darker, we met a new friend, Photographer, Garry of SoulsOfSanFrancisco and we continued the long walk down istiklal street/cadessi (Independence avenue) together.
 This historic pedestrian street is about 1.4 kilometers long and houses a lot of boutiques, art galleries, music stores, chocolateries, restaurants, night clubs, live music and more! I couldn’t resist taking photos
 Met Sam, a young artist from Liberia.
  I think there’s food everywhere in this city!
 St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church
 A lovely family we met, the girl is such a cutie!
 We bought corn from this young boy a day before and we just had to go back because he sells them fresh, best we’ve had so far in Taksim.
 i really enjoyed this walk which took about 3 hours and the walk back to our hotel was that of a fulfilled day, we stay just 5mins away from the square.
 Hope you like the photos
Have a lovely day