Personal Style And Travel: Bits And Pieces Of Ternopil in Side Slit Skirt

Hello lovelies, how is your day going? Mine is about to start but before i head out, i wanted to share the photos from my 3rd/last day in Ternopil. Like i mentioned in the last post, it’s a small city with barely anywhere to go or anything to do, so I told Betty i was leaving. She asked me to stay a day more and i agreed on one condition, that she would provide the clothes i will wear because i wouldn’t waste mine, what a terrible friend i (btw she’s got LOTS of clothes she never wears and she keeps buying more…shhh don’t tell her i said so!)
Anyways, she came up with this look, she said it was different from my usual looks on the blog, atleast something to remember about her city.
 Did you notice i wore long sleeves in the 2 posts, it wasn’t just because she likes long sleeves, the temperature was actually below 20 degrees celcius.

 I took a couple of photos to help me remember the city 🙂

 Thanks for hosting me Bee!!

So, what do you think?
Enjoy your day
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