Travel: Photos From The Historic City Of Lviv

Hello lovelies, how is your day going? By the time you read this post, i’ll be in a new city, my last this summer 🙁  don’t want the summer to end!but school calleth. I have more photos from my short visit to a friend in Ternopil. In the interim, here are a few leftover photos from my Lviv visit.
 If you remember in my first Lviv post, i mentioned that the city is one of the main cultural centers of Ukraine. It is known as a center of art, culture, theatre, music, literature and architecture. Take a look at photos i took around the city and see for yourself..

We found this chocolate place “Leopolis” which also means Lviv in latin and i had some of the best chocolates ever!
 Hope you enjoyed the photos..
Enjoy your day

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