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Fashion Blogger : Viktoriya Sener Shares Her View On Fashion and How Her Lifestyle Has Changed Since She Began Blogging

Hello Lovelies, hope your week started on a good note. On Bloggers Spot today is a beautiful lady I found on lookbook prior to visiting Istanbul and she was kind enough to clue me in on what to expect in Istanbul. In this interview, she shares with us her view on fashion and how blogging has changed her lifestyle. Happy reading!

1. Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself. Any habits, routines, addictions?
 My name is Viktoriya and I’m the founder of TIE BOW-TIE fashion blog.  I was born in Ukraine but currently living in Istanbul. I graduated with diploma of Financial management and I can speak 4 languages.
 I don’t have any bad habits, just little addiction to shopping and chocolate.


2. How would you describe your personal style? 

 I currently have two favorite styles. First one is dedicated to all kind of prints, floral especially is rocking 🙂 Second – tomboy items: hats, brogues, oversized coats, even bow-tie. Kind of stylish dualism.

3. Tell us a bit about your blog and what inspired you to start it, what inspires your posts?
 On my blog, I share with my readers daily outfits and best affordable places to shop.
Inspiration can be anything really: an interesting movie, a new book, cartoons, cities, fashion magazines, other bloggers, etc.
 When I started my blog, I was so naive and thought that I’ve got this awesome style everyone should see! It’s naive, but I decided to develop my fashion sense and photography skills and keep going.


4. What does fashion mean to you? what fashion item would you splurge on and what would you never be caught wearing, why?
 Fashion for me is like a game: super fun and joyful! That’s all, you shouldn’t take it too seriously 🙂
Well, I can splurge on a nice pair of brogues or a timeless bag. Never say never, but I  am sure you won’t see me wearing printed tights and leggings.


5. Where do you tend to shop and why? 
 Best place to shop for me is my couch, you know what I mean! Online shopping is the best form of shopping ever, saving time and nerve.
Here are few favorite names: ASOS, River Island, Boohoo, iClothing, Sheinside. I wish we had online Zara and Mango stores in Turkey; because you can find many lovely items in them.


6. What has been your biggest blogging challenge? How did you deal with this challenge?
 Since I’ve written my first post I’ve lost 13 kg, learned about web design, photography, how to look pretty during outfit shooting, managing my time and a whole new world:)
 First one was the hardest one, I simply didn’t like how I looked in my outfit photos, so I signed up to a fitness club and started to eat more healthy food.


7. Would you like to see anything change in the fashion industry? What and why?
 Globally, No. but I hope it can be more organized and developed in the country that I am currently living in.


8. Did moving to Istanbul have an impact on your fashion sense and do you think location affects blogging?
 Not at all, my fashion sense was impacted by starting a blog. But if you ask about the place where you were born and have lived for a long time, sure it does!
 Personal style is dictated by one’s living environment. You should count specifications of culture, religion and nature. Let’s take a look at Scandinavian bloggers; they are truly queens and with more of minimalistic outfits. Their interiors are the same, check out what I said below and all things will become super clear. With Brazilian bloggers is the opposite: they are super shiny and colorful. Any question?
 The world is different and amazing, its super fun to explore it all!


9. You are married. what has changed about your choice of fashion items as compared to your single days? 
 Yes, I’m married, but my style as I said before was changed due to a much deeper understanding of fashion and a little bit by change of lifestyle.
 I’m a freelancer now, I don’t need any office dress code any more. Before I couldn’t imagine myself without a classic suit, white shirt and pumps. I’m more relaxed about choosing my clothing now, that’s all!


10. Any last advice/tips/words for fashion lovers, fellow bloggers and modavracha’s readers?
 If you want to achieve something and you’re working so hard on it, never lose hope and give up: one day all your dreams will come true!


 I must say Viktoriya’s blogging journey is an inspiring one.  I totally agree with her on location affecting the way we dress for example, there are so many items i would love to  wear but either i have to wait for the  few warm months or the stores do not deliver to my location. Also, my fashion sense and photography skills improved when i started blogging and they keep improving with every post.
 I hope you enjoyed reading this interview as much i did. For more of Viktoriya,  find her on other social platforms: FacebookInstagramTwitter
 Till my next post..


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