Personal Style: Hooded Fitted Sweatshirt Dress

 Hello lovelies! How is everyone doing today? I apologise for the inconsistency this month, I’ve been busy with school and apartment-hunting, I’m settled now, so i would be back to blogging regularly.
 I wore a hooded fitted sweatshirt dress to uni paired with Zara military styled boots today, this was supposed to be a fun outfit but the rain and weather took away the fun for me. Hope you like it…..
 I bought this bag from Hotic while in Istanbul during the summer holiday, it’s 100% leather and just so cute, this is my current go-to bag and you wll definitely see a lot of it on the blog. Structured bags have a way of adding more sophistication to even the most casual of outfits.
Wearing: NewYorker Sweatshirt Dress || Zara Boots (in love with this) || Hotic Bag (love this) || Calliope Glasses (similar)
  Till my next post.
 Do what makes you happy!