Beauty: Fluid vs Cream Foundations: Why I Prefer Cream

cream or fluid foundation
 We ladies are always on the lookout for the best beauty products out there, it could be the latest foundation everyone is raving about or the lipstick seen on a celebrity on a red carpet. Everyone wants a flawless face but the problem is ways to achieve it.
 Since the beginning of this year i’ve been searching for the best foundations, powders and concealers for my skin if some of you can remember from some of my old posts, after struggling to fight acne scars for a while, i settled for covering them up while still searching for a more permanent solution. Without lots of options here for trials, i settled for ordering via a reseller since most of the beauty brands do not deliver to Ukraine, I kept buying wrong shades and  lines for my skin till i traveled to Istanbul where one of the Mac MUAs tried out products on me and explained to me why each of them was good or bad for me…..

 I have a combination skin, my skin dries up easily but after putting make up on for about 1-2hrs, my T-zone gets oily. I used to avoid using moisturizers or creams for fear of an overly oily face later but i realized after researching skin care that the skin needs moisturizers to balance out because it produces oil naturally, when it’s completely dry, it would want to produce enough oil to fight the dryness (i don’t know how true this is but it kinda makes sense 🙂

cream or liquid foundation

When i was using only fluid foundations, i started with Mac prolongwear, it dried up so fast on the face that if you are not quick enough, your face would be left with patches, i had a love-hate relationship with it because some days i get it right and some days i struggle to blend it in. I liked it because just like the name implies, it lasts really long on the face.
After trying it, i went for studio fix because i was told it had matte effect (which i wanted because of my oily face). I bought Mac oil control lotion with it but it didn’t control the oil. I preferred the prolongwear to it but it was easier to blend in than the prolongwear fluid. (I’m not a makeup guru, forgive me if i’m not using all the make up terms.) Another reason i preferred the prolongwear, it didn’t run when water/sweat touched it unlike the studio fix.

liquid foundation

Then came this cream foundation saviour the Mac Mua recommended for me. It’s very easy to apply both on dry and moisturized face. It doesn’t cake or have patches like the fluid ones, it gives a flawless finish because it provides more coverage than the fluid ones, it wasn’t oily on the face after application and for some people, there might not be need for setting with powder though i always like setting with powder.
I’ve been using cream foundation for the past 3 months for all the above reasons and i’m totally enjoying it, now i control the oil on my T-zone with milk of magnesia and my face remains flawless and oil free for up to 12hrs and more.

why cream foundations are better

Maybe fluid is better for you but i’m definitely sticking with cream foundations!
What do you use?
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