Fashion Bloggers: IFB Links A La Mode For October 23 Featuring A Touching Tribute To Oscar De La Renta

IFB links a la mode october 23rd 2014

Hello Lovelies, It’s a new week, hope everyone started their week with positivity and full of life! Going through some of last week’s posts in the Ifb links a la mode roundup featuring one of my posts, I couldn’t agree more with the title “Live life”  and the message being passed across. I was especially touched by the post about Oscar De La Renta’s death. I didn’t know much about him as a person besides his quotes and works i see on runways and red carpets but the questions this brings to mind are; Are you living the life you want? Is the life you are living everything you wanted from life? You are not living your dream life, what are you doing about it?

Live Life

  There’s nothing like the Day of the Dead and All Hallow’s Eve that gets you thinking about, well, death… but in a festive way. The all-out do everything you want to do, be everything you want to be, no matter how fantasical or insane. Then there are the people who lived the fullest, who touched our lives, made life for a lot of people better. This week as the fashion industry mourns the passing of Oscar de la Renta, we just have to stop and think for a second. How are we going to make our lives the most well-lived we can?

Links a la Mode: October 23rd

 Till my next post
Live life!