Personal Style: Black Fashion

All black fashion women outfit

Hello lovelies, hope everyone’s day is going great. You know how our moods determine what we wear sometimes, that was exactly what happened in this outfit i wore yesterday, I woke up not feeling too good, thinking of a lot of personal stuffs and totally not in the mood of getting out of bed or going anywhere really so i just picked out all black comfy items with the intention of just going out because i had to go to school. All black outfits are quite fashionable but i wasn’t going for the fashion aspect when i picked out this outfit, i simply didn’t need any colors. Anyways, i happened to be around this building i’ve always admired to drop off some books for a friend and it was like the universe was telling me i couldn’t avoid colors so i decided to brighten up my day by putting my worries aside, staying positive and taking photos afterall it’s the first day of the month and it wouldn’t be nice starting it “colorless”. Photos and colors have a way of lifting moods, i wore my round retro cut out glasses to give the outfit a more  fun look….

All black women fashion outfit
All black retro women fashion outfit
black retro fashion women outfit
All black everything
black bag
All black women outfit
fashion blogger all black outfit

Hope you like the look..
Till my next..
Always put a smile on your face and stay positive no matter how colorless your day looks.
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