Evawigs Kim Kardashian Inspired Long Wavy 100% Indian Remy Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig Review

Hello lovelies, how is your week going? Many of you have complimented me on my current hair which you have already seen on the blog in my birthday post and previous outfit post. Today i will be sharing more about this gorgeous Evawigs Kim Kardashian Inspired long wavy hair sent to me by Evawigs. I’ve been wearing lace wigs since December 2013 (i bet some of you didn’t know notice that :)), i wanted a break from weaves and freedom to do whatever with my hair any time (especially now that i’m transitioning) without having to think about how much i spent fixing the weaves and having to wear them longer just to get value for my money. Hair is one of those things we women spend a lot on, yes or yes?

Kim Kardashian Inspired Long Wavy Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig From Evawigs Blogger Review

So this is the first ombre hair that i’m loving, I messed up the colors of the ones i bought earlier in the year, glad i finally got the colors right in this one. I received this hair in time for my birthday (Thanks Evawigs) so i started rocking it from the dinner (as seen in the birthday post). Here’s my review of the hair based on daily usage for one week….
It came packaged in this box that resembles a shoe box (which i like because i enjoy unboxing new shoes!) with a pair of stocking wig caps, a manual and a wide tooth comb.

Evawigs hair package, human hair extensions and wigs.
Human hair wig package from evawigs
Evawigs review

Quality and Texture
This hair is so soft, that you can run your fingers through it without any tangles and shedding. For the first time i wore it, i didn’t comb or brush it out, i simply ran my fingers through it to arrange the curls and used a soft brush to flatten the top. I didn’t add any hair oil, mousse etc for the sake of this review, i wanted the hair to remain the way it came for you to see what you would be getting if you decide to buy it.

Kim Kardashian Inspired Long Wavy Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig From Evawigs Review

After my dinner, when i got home, i decided to comb it out so i can restyle it the next day. see before and after combing below.

Wavy human hair lace wig from Evawigs

Through out the week i didn’t have any issues with this hair, even after walking about in this terrible weather without adding any hair product still. If you live in this part of the world, you would know how bad the hair gets here before and during winter. I always combed it out after each day and i only had very minimal shedding especially when i used a weave brush to brush it, there were just a strand or 2 on the comb and few strands on the brush.

One week later…
I added a little of my hair oil (a mixture of jojoba and argan oil) and curled half the length of the hair with soft bendy rollers and left it for a day and half. The photos below show the curls formed.

Review of Kim Kardashian Inspired Long Wavy Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig From Evawigs.

Here’s the hair in another color curled with heat and styled with hair products in a different review by a vlogger.

And i combed it out again…..

Full lace human hair wig from evawigs

The only problem I’ve had with this wig so far is the cap construction, i chose a 3A which can be used with or without glue and also doesn’t come with comb at the back instead of a type with a back comb that i’m used to. This makes me a bit uncomfortable at times and i always have to touch the hair to be sure it’s still in place unlike when the back is secured properly i don’t even remember my hair. This was a mistake i made when filling the hair details, as the hair is custom made you get what you select. Time would tell it’s durability but for now i’m loving it.

 Hair Description
Hair Link || Type: 100% Indian Remy Hair || Product Code: cew101 || Length: 22 Inches || Color: Ombre (Color 2 = 20% and Color 33 = 80%) *select advance color options, mixed percentage* || Texture: Silky || Density: 120% || Baby Hair: No || Bleached knots: Yes || Lace Color: Medium brown || Cap Construction: 3A
*Don’t forget to use code modavracha to get $20 off your Evawigs orders any time!

Till my next post
Stay Amazing.

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