Fashion Bloggers: Ifb Links A La Mode 30th October Featuring Blogging Lessons From The Man Repeller

Heartifb links a la mode for october 30th including halloween costume ideas for the fashion conscious and blogging lessons from the man repeller.

What better way to begin your blogging week even when you are uninspired than to check out other blogs and maybe the moment of inspiration will come. Last week’s Ifb links a la mode features a lot of interesting reads, from Halloween costume ideas for the fashion conscious, interviews of a fashion designer and a fashion blogger, blogging lessons from Leandra Medine of The man repeller and more!
Halloween Hauteness
If there is one holiday people who love dressing up love, it’s Halloween! The day when you can dress up, go over the top, and have a lot of fun. If you do not know what you are going to be, take a look at the links for this week and you’ll get plenty of inspiration for your next costume. Maybe even remember you have the fixings for something fabulous right in your closet!

     Links A La Mode October 30th

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