Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissue Review

Hello lovelies, hope everyone had a great week. So if you remember in my Korean skincare routine post I mentioned reviewing individual products used in the routine. The first is cleansing tissues used to wipe off makeup before washing the face. I’m currently using Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissue. I don’t know if you’ve ever cleaned your makeup before washing your face only to find makeup smears on your towel after or you’ve ever bought face wipes that turned out dry or didn’t remove any makeup at all. If you have experienced any of these problems, then you would understand the joy that comes with buying face wipes that actually wipes off makeup (including water-proof makeup) properly.
innisfree olive real cleansing tissue review for whole face make up removal

 The Innisfree olive cleansing tissue comes in a packet containing 30 oily sheets. From my tone in this post, you already know that i love this product! Check out my reasons below…
  1. Wipes off makeup completely (tried with my mac pro longwear foundation, concealer, studio fix powder, eye pencils, ruby woo lipstick etc, lip liner) *I don’t use eye shadows and liquid liners so i don’t know how it would perform with them.
  2. Doesn’t sting or cause any form of irritation on skin and can be used around eye areas (close eyes to avoid entry and wash off with water if it mistakenly gets into the eyes).
  3. Doesn’t dry up skin, instead it moisturizes because the sheets are soaked in olive oil.
  4. Has a slight citrus scent ( instead of real olive oil scent).
  5. Requires little or no effort to wipe off makeup because of it’s oil content.
innisfree olive real cleansing tissue review for face make up removal
                          Cons (minor)
  1. It leaves an oily film on the face thereby requiring washing/rinsing of the face after use.
  2. Tastes bitter if mistakenly left on lips.

innisfree olive real cleansing tissue review for full face make up removal

 This is definitely the best face wipes I’ve used since I started using makeup, until i use another that beats it, it remains my favorite because it does the job and doesn’t make me breakout. For someone that breaks out easily, using oily products on the face is scary but this feels perfect on the face, like i’m nutrifying my skin 🙂 plus it washes off nicely when washed off with warm water and foam cleanser (my next review).
                 Where to buy online with worldwide delivery
 Innisfree Site  ||  Ebay: Iamloveshop  ||  Amazon  || W2beauty (you can get $5 off your first order of $30 and above with my sponsor code 055355010 plus samples and 5% off your next order when you review the purchased products following the link in the email received asking you to review the product) || iHerb
I’ll let you decide if the price is affordable or expensive for you. *Note: Innisfree is one of the affordable Korean beauty brands.
       What face wipes have you used/currently using that cleanses properly?
Till my next post
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