SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Review

  From the tone of my Korean skincare routine post, I bet you already know that i love the SkinFood black sugar mask wash off. This is easily the best exfoliator/scrub I’ve ever used and currently my favorite skincare product.
SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Review, best facial scrub, best facial exfoliator
  In the past, i tried even homemade scrubs (with honey, sugar, etc), especially for my whole body, I’ve always been selective of the scrubs i use on my face because i always have one problem or the other with them because of my sensitive skin, now i think I’ve finally gotten the perfect one, no matter what i try in the future, i would try to keep this close by, talk about love at first use 🙂
skinfood black sugar mask wash off review

For this skinfood black sugar mask wash off review, i’ll be talking about some of the things i like so far and what i don’t like about it too.

 This scrub is easy to use like other similar scrubs (After washing the face, take appropriate amount, mix with a little water or toner if needed to minimize skin irritation and massage the face till the product is evenly distributed avoiding the eyes and lips area and leave for about 10-15 minutes then wash off and continue with other steps in your facial regimen/routine),
It has a mild citrus-ish scent that is very similar to lemongrass (some of you might know it as barbed wire grass or cymbopogon). I liked the scent of a freshly boiled lemongrass tea growing up because it was one of my grandparents’ favorite teas and it was planted around their compound.
It leaves the skin smooth and soft like a baby’s skin (my best pro). If you are kind of obsessed with flawless skin like i am, you would probably want to keep touching your face after washing it off 🙂
Other products absorb better after use (the effect is visible).
Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Review, best korean facial scrub
While I would love to rate it 10/10 i still have 2 cons which i will give 0.5 each still leaving it at a 9.
1. Because of the packaging, you have to always dip your hands or a spatula to take product out which isn’t very hygienic.
2. I wish it had a pure creamy consistency without the gritty particles that feels like one is applying sand or sugar on their skin which can be uncomfortable while massaging the face with product.
SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off swatch and Review
There is an instruction on how to use and list of ingredients in English on the back of the container, On a scale of 1 to 5, this product is only 1 for possible irritation of skin and/or acne trigger, for better understanding check its COSDNA rating.
The SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Review, best exfoliator
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If you would like to start/create a facial routine/regimen, check out my previous posts: Step 1 || Step 2 || Step 3 *I also received the skinfood rice mask wash off.
* Remember, you don’t have to use Korean products, you can create one with products you are currently using and add as you progress.So far, Korean products and the routine have been working for my skin especially products from Skinfood, Benton and Innisfree, there is visible improvement now compared to when i didn’t have a routine.
 Have you used this product before, what did you think? What’s your favorite scrub for exfoliating?