Travel Inspiration: World Traveller Winter Edit

 When I take a break from studying, I like to distract myself by reading inspiring blog posts filled with beautiful photos of fashion, beauty, lifestyle or travel. For some of you, it’s easier to just flip through magazine, for me the magazines here are all in Russian which isn’t so much fun me to read as i only understand very few Russian words so, one of the websites i turn to is Issuu.
World traveller winter edit december 2014 on Issuu
 Some of you already know this website, but if you don’t, it lets you read publications/magazines from different parts of the world shared on the website in digital form…..
 I’ve been so stressed with school lately that all i want to do right now is get up, leave everything behind and travel far away to somewhere beautiful and warm, then again to achieve that i would need money (hello student on a budget!) and visa (one of the downsides of having a Nigerian passport) 🙁 While i can’t exactly get all i want now, i can wish and flip through magazines to keep myself happy. Below is one of my recent reads…click-through and enjoy the colorful pages!

Off I go to continue studying, I still have 3 exams from Today – Wednesday then a short break 🙂
Have a lovely day ahead
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