Exodus Lounge Kharkov Opening

 My 2 weeks break is already over, technically i still have 3 days left but weekends don’t count since they’re usually school-free even though my Uni administration think otherwise.  You’ve seen my high neck shift dress on the blog before back in 2013 – in this post, where i used the scarf to lengthen it.

Fashion blogger modavracha

While i used a belt for the previous look, i decided to wear it this time around in it’s original shift style with sheer tights. Also, the event i wore it to was supposed to be an ‘eat-all-you-can’ type of event so restricting my stomach wasn’t even an option..#foodie unfortunately that didn’t work out so well…
 I decided to go for this opening because I thought it was a different kind of African event, the opening of a functional African restaurant but before I decided to put up this post, i thought about not mentioning the opening at all since i took my photos at Taboo Lounge, a different lounge i went to after i left Exodus plus  i wasn’t exactly impressed with the turn of events I commend the efforts of the organizers though, I love seeing people make effort to build something for themselves but i’m also a believer in the Idiom – “What is worth doing, is worth doing well”.so i will point out reasons i didn’t have a great time at the event.

Fashion and style blogger modavracha

First of all, the ticket taker (bouncer) started by asking me if I paid for the ticket i was holding in a very silly way, how did i get a ticket if it wasn’t paid for and i was just arriving with no way of seeing anyone inside the lounge? even if he thought i collected it from someone – which is impossible as all admitted tickets were ripped in half, that was just plain rude.
Secondly, it was announced at the start of the event that only the food was included in the ticket fee (120uah, approximately $8), so people had to pay for drinks including water. I can understand paying for specific drinks but water?? If all prices were in the ticket fee , even if it’s a little bit more, it would still be better than announcing that when people are already in the lounge.
Thirdly, the advert for the event had a list of food – which i was expecting to see at the opening but we were practically offered same type of food most of us prepare in our houses – nothing you would really want to leave your house for. This wouldn’t have gotten my attention if there wasn’t a list of food advertised, not seeing the food might not be an issue but false advertising is.
Fourthly, for a lounge’s opening, I expected to see photo-worthy setups or at least good lighting for people to get a better view of the lounge, their food, at most take photos (i didn’t see any photographer by the way). These help in advertisement in this modern internet-world, just one photo can speak a thousand words about a place to people looking to visit.
One thing i liked was the idea of live music performance while people ate, but the instruments used were too loud that it wasn’t so much of entertainment anymore but noise. I would really love to say i had a great time but i just had to be honest about what i experienced, saw and felt.

Exodus lounge kharkov opening

This post is not to condemn the organizers, their work or effort in any way, this is simply constructive criticism from a consumer’s perspective because first impressions could really go a long way in influencing the human mind. I mentioned all these because I wasn’t the only one who had something to say about the event, about 5 other people I talked with at the event had their reservations too, we all expected different and better, 2 others compared the event to a previous event (i didn’t attend) organized by the same team, they thought the first one was better.
If the organizers are reading this post, I sincerely hope they improve on their services and do better in subsequent events. I don’t know what was involved in the planning of the event, the challenges faced but there’s always room for improvements.

Nothing much to say about my outfit, only that i didn’t get to take better photos of it as i would have loved, It was just a generally bad lighting day for me, I hope you like the photos anyways.

Fashion blogger modavracha in a printed shift dress.
Personal style blogger modavracha in a printed shift dress.
Fashion and style blogger modavracha in a printed shift dress.
Blogger modavracha in a printed shift dress.

Wearing: D & G dress (love this , this and this) || Zara Heels || River Island Bag

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