Vlisco Inspired Modern African Print Styles To Try

 You already know how much i love African prints. Remember 3 months ago I posted Vlisco’s Splendeur collection, the Dutch wax brand has just recently released their first 2015 collection – Think.

 Just like their previous African print styles, they didn’t disappoint! This post is about Vlisco inspired modern African print styles to try this 2015!

2015 Vlisco #Africanprint collection - Think.

 I love this particular collection because of all the gorgeous layers, African prints never looked better layered. If the jackets were lined with wool or other winter materials, they would have been the perfect winter luxe for me….. Regardless, you can totally rock them any season.

 Think big with every detail thoughtfully considered, from the voluminous cocoon-like skirt to the powerful collar that will accentuate your neckline,  think flowing drapes and a soft jacket with oversized lapels, think off-the-shoulder silhouette that creates an air of purity and elegance with feminine graceful layering.

2015 Vlisco African print asymmetric dress with front zip and collar.
2015 Vlisco African print layered outfit with dress, belt and blazer.
2015 Vlisco African print off shoulder layered gown.
2015 Vlisco African print off shoulder dress with open front.
 Think less as more…. Ease into the weekend with a gorgeously wide maxi skirt that will swoosh effortlessly around you. Feel inspired to mix and match your favorite fabrics too.
2015 Vlisco African print pencil dress.
2015 Vlisco African print maxi dress.
2015 Vlisco African print womens dress.
 Unzip your thinking. Think sartorial enhancements to accentuate your form. Break free from conformity and create a draped pencil skirt and a short-sleeved top for superior elegance.
2015 Vlisco African print dress with zip pockets..
2015 Vlisco African print dress.
 Keep an open mind and come alive with two fabrics for a sleek fit. Dare to be different with a pair of slim fitted knee-length trousers. Effortlessly blend multiple fabrics to construct a beautiful visage.
2015 Vlisco African print womens box top and skirt style.
2015 Vlisco African print womens sleeveless jacket and shorts style.
2015 Vlisco African print women peplum top and trouser style.
 Be daring, create a sharp city look….
2015 Vlisco African print womens modern style.
2015 Vlisco African print womens suit style
* Photos: Vlisco V-inspired. My Styles-To-Make album is getting filled already and it’s only the first month of the year. Any favorites?
*P.S. I love the description of each piece from the collection, the ones on the blog have been refined by me.

Have a great weekend