Why You Should Rock The Mule Shoes Fashion Trend In Spring/Summer 2015

  Mule shoes are backless shoes often closed-toe, worn by men and women (though mostly women). They can have high, sleek stiletto, low or chunky heels. This backless shoe style, dated way back to the 16th century got some popularity in the early 50s to late 90s and reemerged in the late 90s / early 2000s in it’s open toe form called slide and lots of designers gave the backless shoe a youthful makeover.
The Mule Shoes Fashion Trend

Shop similar plain black or suede type of these peep toe mule heels

 You might remember seeing lots of these shoes on Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the city. These shoes were seen on lots of fashionistas during fashion weeks and events in 2013 and 2014 and have remained in the fashion scene since then…
 Growing up in the 90s i wore mule shoes especially to church and events with my parents, I didn’t fancy them then because i felt they were for older women and my mum was making me wear old women’s fashion. With the new improved mule shoes, i don’t see ‘old fashion’ anymore, i see stylish. There’s definitely a style for anyone, you might think not everyone can pull of mule shoes look but you never know till you try!
mules outfit streetstyle

Reasons To Get In On The Mule Shoes Fashion Trend

  • Sense of ease: Easy to slide on and off with fresh air refreshing your feet, also gives your outfit a laid back touch just like the ‘cool-kids’.
mules outfit photos
  • Tone down a busy outfit: Wear mule shoes with leather, fur, fringed or heavily designed pieces.
how to wear mules shoes
mules shoes outfit
mules fashion outfits
  • Break the ‘mules on pants’ streak by wearing them with skirts.
Mules outfit
mules shoes design, mules fashion trend

If i’m to try this shoe trend as a grown up now, i will most likely pick a chunky style like the middle blue skirt photo above with pants or a pointed heel type like Selena Gomez’ or Rihanna’s with a skirt.

*You can shop a wide range of mule shoes on Asos. try these on Frontrowshop, These 3 colors on Forever21, this stiletto type on Topshop or this cleated type on Boohoo.

* Photos: Pinterest, Fashionagony and thestyleandbeautydoctor

So, have you tried mule shoes, would you try it, how will you rock yours? Share with us in the comments!

Have a lovely week.

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