Benefits Of Engageya Related Posts Widget For Bloggers

 One major concern most of us bloggers have is – driving traffic to related blog posts and older blog posts. I already covered some ways to improve and drive traffic to your blog especially from other websites and search engines in this post which was of great help to a lot of my readers, I will concentrate on internal linking and driving traffic using related posts widgets in this post.
 I recently started using Engageya and so far it has been the most helpful of all the related posts widgets that I’ve used since I started blogging. In this post, i will be stating reasons i’m sticking with engageya. *Note that – this post is not sponsored by engageya, all opinions are 100% mine,

1. Free to Sign Up: A lot of others are free to sign up as well so this is not really a unique feature.

2. Easy to use: The widget customization page is pretty straightforward, all you need to do is to fill out the necessary fields and select from about 16 widget styles.
3. Optional sponsored contents option: You can choose to display sponsored posts together with posts from your blog in the widgets or show only posts from your blog. Also there’s an option for displaying posts from your Facebook page too. You can also block certain urls from showing up on your widgets.
4. Earn credits and money from outgoing clicks from your widget to other sites: when people click on other posts in your widget,you earn credits which can help you display your blog posts on other engageya widgets that opted to display posts from other sites and sponsored contents as well. Also, you earn money which can be withdrawn whenever it gets to $20 via Paypal.
5. You can purchase credits: to show your posts across other engageya blogs if you aren’t interested in earning credits by displaying other posts and sponsored contents alongside your blog posts.
6. You can track all activities in your analytics: You can see how many views, credits, earnings, incoming and outgoing clicks your widget got per day
7. You can adjust the code to display the widget below your posts instead of the homepage: I noticed that on first installation, the widget appeared on my homepage after my jumplink but i didn’t like that so i surfed the web till i found the code that helped me change the location to below individual blog posts.
 To get your widget to appear below posts instead of homepage like mine, after clicking on “install widget” and redirected to this page, expand the “Edit template” to get the photo below.
Replace the code <b:includable id=”main”><data:content /></b:includable> with this one <b:includable id=”main”><b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “item”‘><data:content /></b:if></b:includable> like in the photo below and voila! you are ready to go.
  *Remember that newly installed widgets may take up to 30mins or more to start showing posts, so be patient.
 The only downside for me is that i don’t have control over the specific posts i would like to link to related posts as i did when i was using Zemanta, For eg, a fashion post can show up in a beauty post widget but this is completely tolerable.
 If this post was helpful, Sign Up on Engageya today and start enjoying these benefits, check the FAQs page for other questions you might have plus you can also invite fellow bloggers and earn some credits to cross-promote your posts, the more bloggers with related contents, the better the quality of recommended related posts that show up in the widgets.
Till my next post
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