Innisfree Bija Anti Trouble Facial Foam Review

 Hello Lovelies, You remember this Innisfree bija anti trouble facial foam from this post that I purchased to replace my Skinfood Aloe Cleanser. Well, it turned out it wasn’t the replacement that I was hoping for afterall.
Innisfree Bija Anti Trouble Facial Foam Review

I was really excited about this product especially for the first week of use as it seemed to have been great on my skin, I guess it wasn’t excited about me as i was about it…It was probably the peeling serum that had the effect i noticed.
 I chose this product because it targets trouble skin and contains a lot of the ingredients of the Skinfood cleanser which was nice on my skin but didn’t help with keeping fresh pimples at bay. This is a reminder that not all things that are alike work alike. After about 2 weeks of daily use, i started seeing new zits almost everyday which was surprising as it was described as 5-free system : No synthetic colorants, No mineral oil, No animal-originated ingredients, No artificial fragrances, No imidazolidinyl urea. After I stopped using it and continued with the Skinfood, my face cleared up. By the way, the toner is great, i haven’t had any problems with it (more details in review of Innisfree Bija Anti-trouble Skin).

innisfree bija trouble facial foam review
 It has the same creamy consistency as the Skinfood but with a herb scent (like mint), it lathers well with a cooling sensation. I’m still surprised this Innisfree Bija anti trouble facial foam didn’t work for me especially because it has similar ingredients as the Skinfood even though they both have contents that are potential acne triggers according to Cosdna and it also has lots of positive reviews from other users.
Innisfree Bija Anti Trouble Facial Foam Review post
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Innisfree Bija Anti Trouble Facial Foam cleanser Review
 Has anyone used this Innisfree Bija anti trouble facial foam before? Do share your experience. Any recommendation of a Korean foaming cleanser that targets trouble skin would be highly appreciated.
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