That Super Delight Is Here: Shopping Online In Nigeria

 I remember few years ago when it was almost impossible shopping online In Nigeria either because there weren’t functional online stores, credit/debit card issues or online safety/security issues. Fast-forward to 2015 and here we are with a lot of functional online stores and retailers.

 While going through the blogs of Nigerian-based bloggers and their Instagram feeds, I always come across at least two different online stores/retailers daily that are new to me and I’m always happy that online shopping is fast becoming a norm nowadays.
 I’m not completely lazy when it comes to shopping in physical stores but remembering some years back particularly 2008-2009 when I would visit almost all the fashion stores I could find in my city barely finding any of the fashion pieces I liked or make a hitch-free transaction with my then GTB MasterCard, let alone shop online within Nigeria and get my delivery on time.             What is the Trend Now?
Now, I would rather sit back and enjoy the benefits of shopping online from the comfort of my bed and getting them delivered to my address. The good thing about online shopping for the-not-so-lazy people like me that don’t have the energy and patience to visit a lot of different physical stores is that there are online shopping communities/marketplaces where you can buy almost everything you need. For example the popular ones worldwide like Amazon, EBay, Etsy and Aliexpress, Kaymu which is currently active in 16 African countries, Hellofood that lets you buy food online, Supermart(although not a marketplace) that sells groceries and so on.
 While these online marketplaces/communities do not have an inventory of their own, they provide buyer-protection plus a user-friendly platform through which sellers can showcase their products to sell at a fixed price or via an auction to interested and potential buyers. Thanks to the internet and social media, you can basically see and buy variety of products and have the ability to compare prices from the comfort of your bed, that’s the modern world we live in now!
Who’s with me? #TeamOnlineshopping, Anyone? Have you ever been frustrated searching for an item in physical stores and finally ended up purchasing it online, share your experiences in the comment section!

 Have a lovely day

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